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When you get Estimates The Following Is VERY Important



To protect yourself from becoming victim of the bait and switch scam that so many fall victim to let us give you advice! If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! Many local interstate movers will promise a low price just to say "sorry it was more weight and you owe more money" and you have no choice but to pay. NO PHONE ESTIMATES EITHER!

Unlike Van Lines & No Name Movers, the professional movers in Temecula from  Murrieta Moving will provide GUARANTEED NOT TO EXCEED BINDING ESTIMATES. You should only accept this type of estimate to protect yourself from changing prices. 

These days estimators have no experience in the industry and quote low prices (sadly over the phone- so unprofessional) only to change it up once they have your things. We will tell you more when we come and give you an estimate for cost of moving out of state to Arizona. You will see that we want your business through trust. Our estimators are not commission, probably the only ones you will meet. You do not need any pressure, just knowledge to make an informed decision for your interstate move to Washington.

Be sure to show our estimator everything you plan on shipping. We also know that in some cases you will be trying to thin out you items to reduce the cost. In that case we will explain how to keep track and inventory what you get rid of. Unlike Van Lines we are willing to work with you and try to be as fair as possible, like most of the moving process communication is key.  

Below is a explanation of 3 types of estimates for Interstate (out of state & over 100 miles) relocations.


The 3 Types of Interstate (over 100 miles) Relocations

Guaranteed Binding In Writing (BEST)

Interstate Binding Estimates are the safest for customers

 Binding: A binding quote means that the final  contract price is based on the estimated weight of the shipment,  regardless of the final shipping weight. So, you pay the quoted price  even if the shipping weight is less than the estimated weight. This is the safest out of state estimate you can get!

Binding Not To Exceed (Risk Due to 15%)

Not to exceed estimates are risky since they can be changed, as implied by the image

Binding Not-to-Exceed: A binding not-to-exceed  quote means that you pay the quoted price unless the actual shipping  weight turns out to be less than the estimated weight. In this case, the  price would be adjusted down, but if it goes over the mover can adjust the price 15%.

Non-Binding (NO GOOD!)


 Non-Binding: With a non-binding quote, the final  cost of the move will be determined by the actual weight of the  shipment. However, the non-binding quote should give you a ballpark idea  of the cost. Legally, a mover may not charge more than 110% of the  original non-binding estimate provided.

Moving Out of State To Washington

You are not alone, every year more people are moving out of California!


Are you ready to get out of Temecula and start moving out of state to Texas? There is no reason to let it stress you out. Not only will you have the most professional full service movers moving from Murrieta to Texas, to help you move out of state, you actually have the best interstate movers to Texas in the ENTIRE STATE of California!! Are you ready for clear blue skies, rust-colored mesas, and  golden sunsets sweeping across a cactus-filled landscape? Then, the  State of Texas is the place for you.  Some of the things that has made Texas so popular is the low population that makes it so similar to the city of Lake Elsinore.

For several years it had been difficult for Texas to gain traction and start a migration of citizens to its lands due largely in part because of the financial opportunity that has been offered in the past few decades. Now with a robust  infrastructure in place and new investments from leading technology and  manufacturing firms, Texas enjoys one of the fastest growing economies  in the country. As you plan your move out of state from California, say goodbye to old familiar congestion and burdensome regulations, and enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Texas!

As companies set up shop in Washington due to lower costs of living and businesses  the value of homes in TX have a steady rise. From the looks of it, there is several reasons to try this state out, and we are confident that with a stress free move from Murrieta Moving and Storage you will never look back to California. 

Interstate moves are usually more complicated than merely changing apartments or houses. Professional out to state movers like Murrieta Moving and Storage arrive at your home with everything necessary to get you from state to state quickly and easily. They bring  moving supplies, such as boxes, foam, and tape, and they bring lifting  equipment, moving vehicles, and enough helpers to get the work done. Movers might even help you pack if you’ve selected that level of  service, but they typically load your things for you at the very least. These professionals often have other skills and tools to  disconnect the appliances, electronics, and fixtures as well, making your move out of state a quick and easy process.  

Allowing professionals from Murrieta Moving and Storage to pack and move you out of state will give you back your productive time so you can stay focused  on your career and other musts during the transition. Save your paid  vacation time to do something exciting. Moving companies also offer  insurance to protect the value of your belongings during the transition,  which is a feature unique to this strategy.   

Redlands Moving Can Refer Us!

We are affiliated with Redlands Moving & Storage a company that has been around since 1963! There is no bigger or better company in California. If you need any referral or additional information feel free to check them out as well!

Our Partners in The Inland Empire

Just Some Of The Reasons To Move From Redlands To Texas

texas employment opportunities

Opportunities For Employment & Private Business

 Texas dominates California when it comes to opportunity for employment.   The numbers (left chart image) comes from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.  The Statistics report that seasonally-adjusted non-farm employment increased by 19.2% in California vs. 22.5% in Texas. Much of the difference in economic growth is blamed mostly on the opposite political governance, with California favoring higher taxes and bigger government compared to Texas. 

  • Between 2007-2014 there was a 3.9% drop in employment in California among people aged 25-54, nearly four times that of Texas. 
  • The unemployment rate in Texas is 4.3%—15th lowest in the country. That’s far better than California’s 6.7%—3rd highest in the country. 


Cheaper Cost of Living

In a study conducted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Texas provides opportunity for those who are looking for a place where the cost of living is much less than California. MIT compared the costs of six different typical expenses for each state: food, child care, medical, housing, transportation, and "other." 

  • The average single adult could expect to eat with $3,573 a year in California versus $2,994 in Texas compared to Temecula and Lake Elsinore. 
  • MIT found that housing costs are an impressive 59.1 percent higher in the Golden State than in the Lone Star State. 
  • Raising one child for a year costs more than $32,000 in California, compared to about $25,000 in Texas. 

Although it may be difficult to trust Long distance moving companies when you plan your move out of state,you should chose local interstate movers from your area. As you can see there are several reasons to use local moving companies like Murrieta Moving to move you out of state to Texas at an affordable price. Moving out of state to Texas has never been easier and stress free. CALL NOW AND SET UP A FREE ESTIMATE


It is clear why in 2016 alone, over 70,000 residents of California found their new home in Texas.

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