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Moving locally usually means moving within the same  state and is also referred to as intrastate moving. The easiest way to  book a local move is through Murrieta Moving.

Preparing for a Local Move

  • Local moves are usually completed within the  same day. This means time is of the essence. They often require a larger  crew to complete big moves in a timely way, and require careful  planning in terms of building requirements for elevator use and parking  regulations. These details need to be sorted out ahead of time to ensure  a smooth move.
  • Professional packing and other services are  available at an additional charge, and include the labor in addition to  packing supplies like padding materials, bubble wrap, boxes etc. Plan  for your movers to arrive early enough to finish packing and  transporting your belongings within the same day.


Our crews will do everything involved in your move for you. The movers will wrap and pack  all of your belongings properly, load them in their truck safely,  transport them to your new home, unpack everything, and set it all up  where you want in your house.

Our full service movers will provide all the boxes, wrapping paper, tape,  padding, furniture blankets, and equipment necessary to move your  household items. A team of packers and loaders will swoop in, and before  you know it, everything will be on their truck and on the road. Our full service moving takes the stress that has always been associated with moving. Give us the chance to show you the new standard in the moving industry.


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